A company born of passion and centuries-old traditions

Perfect Italiano was inspired by an Italian family’s rich cheesemaking traditions

  • 1922

  • Italian immigrant Natale Italiano arrived in Australia.

  • Proud of his family’s rich cheesemaking traditions, Natale wanted to perserve this heritage, and founded the Perfect Cheese Company in 1930.

  • Passionate about producing simple yet authentic Italian cheeses, Natale dedicated himself to following centuries-old methods he had taught himself back home in Southern Italy.

  • Present

  • The cheeses Natale produced would have made his ancestors beam with pride. The fruits of his passion and hard work were delicious. No wonder, the local Italian community in Australia welcomed Natale’s company with open arms. To them, the richness of his Parmesan and the full flavor of his Mozzarella have made Italy a little closer.